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Father's Day: Show Your Dad That You Love Him

Ideas of things that you can do for your dad on Father's Day

Breakfast in bed

Give him a gift - work with your mom to get him something he really wants

Give your dad coupons for extra garden work chores or help cleaning out the garage

Promise to not fight with your siblings all day long

Cook a special lunch or take your dad out to a nice restaurant after church

DON'T give him an ugly Fathers Day tie

If you need some more creative ideas, follow the links to the right - many of these web sites have great ideas for what you can do for your father.
It is also important for us to remember that for many fathers and children, Father's Day is a sad occasion.

How can we, as Christians, make Fathers Day special for these men and children?
Here are some scenarios of people that may be saddened by Father's Day:

Children whose father is deceased or has abandoned them
Can Christian families gather these children with them on Father's Day? What about Christian men developing a relationship with them, and being a healthy male role model?

Children who don't have a good father
Can we gather them under our wings as well. What about ministering gently to their father?

Fathers whose children are deceased or have abandoned the family
Can we 'adopt' these fathers, and have them join us for Father's Day celebrations?

Men, married or single, who don't have children
Can we use this day to recognize their service to Christ?

I also encourage anyone who is in one of these situations to look around, and see if there are others who are suffering. For example, a family who was just lost a child, can support a family that has just lost a father.
On this special day to recognize fathers, we should also pay reverence to our Heavenly Father, and remember the sacrifice that He gave us by sending His Son to die for our sins.

Remember to tell your dad that you love him - and give him a huge hug.