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Fashion Lip Balm 2006

Toasty temperatures call for a change in one's beauty routine, as there's nothing more irritating than having to touch up runny foundation or smeared eyeliner. "Keep it simple, keep it fresh," is our summer beauty mantra - a light base of tinted moisturizer or mineral makeup (try Laura Mercier and Jane Iredale), a touch of cream bronzer (NARS Multiple in South Beach and Palm Beach are lovely), and a bit of gloss or lip balm make the perfect warm-weather face.

Lip balm seems to be the item that carries us through the season. It adds a touch of shine to the pout, can double as a skin highlighter in some cases (gals with sensitive skin, please heed product warnings!), and is the easiest product to apply. Whether you're a Carmex devotee or prefer Prada's more "high end" balm, here are a few noteworthy choices:

*C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine: a date essential; shine + breath freshening properties
*MAC Lip Conditioner: my personal favorite; just a *hint* of vanilla flavor
*Rosebud Salve: not just for lips - use it on dry patches of skin for extra-emollient healing
*Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker: flashback to Junior High with this teenage favorite