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FDA will crack down content of cosmetics advertising

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will crack down on cosmetic companies which exaggerate the quality of their products in advertisements. The FDA plans to amend the regulations on cosmetics control to give the agency the power to check messages in the advertisements before producers launch them.

FDA secretary-general Pakdee Pothisiri said the move aimed to protect consumers from exaggerated advertising statements. However, he admitted that the amendment procedure would take a long time.

The new rules are expected to take effect in the next two years.

The FDA has no power to check advertising content. It can only check whether products contain banned substances. The maker of any product found to contain banned chemicals can be fined up to 60,000 baht or jailed for up to one year.

The FDA has found that over 12% of cosmetics advertisements, mostly for whitening cream products, breach the proposed regulations. But at the moment it cannot stop them.

''In the future we will scrutinise the manufacturers' advertisements before the products are launched to the public,'' he said.

''The measure will not only be applied to domestic companies, but also to international cosmetics firms that violate our regulation.

''The FDA can guarantee there will be no double standards on the issue,'' he said.

Many people have filed complaints to the FDA about side-effects which arise after using cosmetics. Most were made domestically, especially whitening cream.

The FDA chief has encouraged users who have problems to file a complaint so that sub-standard products can be put on the blacklist and legal action taken against their manufacturers.