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Eat your way through acne with Borba skin-care chocolates

The one thing I remember about acne is that all the ugly break-outs always mysteriously and precisely surfaced just before important events. And not to mention those frantic, vain attempts at appeasing them with expensive creams and weird looking home-made concoctions. To add to this, the primary advice given by those clued-up on acne remedies was a very painful one to follow - avoid sweets and chocolates as both of them will surely give you zits.

Well, time to introduce you to a contrary opinion - Borba, a manufacturer of cosmetics and "ingestible skin-care products," has released the "Chocolate Clarifying Bar," a Swiss dark chocolate that contains the patented Borba "Skin Balance Clarifying Aqua-Less Crystalline Powder" to promote skin clarity, prevent break-outs and reduce redness and irritation associated with acne.

If this works, pampering yourself with chocolate remorselessly was never so easy - that is if you are a chocolate-lover looking for an acne remedy. The Borba skin care chocolate is available online only at Nordstrom. You could also visit Borba's retail locator for more outlets.