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Dry skin

It often feels tight or rough to the touch. You may be born with dry skin or it may become that way as you age, when oil production gradually declines. Even those with normal or oily skin may experience dryness in climates with very low humidity. Cold weather also dries the skin. Whatever its cause, dry skin needs a little extra care to look its best. First, avoid over-drying by staying away from facial scrubs or harsh soaps like deodorant or antibacterial varieties.

Try not to use oil-absorbing masks or toners that contain alcohol. Liquid cleansers or cleansing creams usually work better on dry skin; if needed, follow up with a moisturizing toner. Those with very dry skin should wash their face only once a day, preferably in the evening. Rinse very well to remove any soap residue. While your skin is still damp, apply a moisturizer; this will help it retain water. At night, you may need a heavier cream around the eyes or on other dry spots. If skin remains dry and flaky despite gentle care, or if redness, itching, and other symptoms develop, consult a dermatologist. You may have a condition that requires treatment by a doctor.