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Dove Calming Night: Unwind in Beauty

Getting the beauty sleep you need to maintain your looks is not always easy. To help busy women (and men) unwind and relax at night, Dove has developed a Calming Night series of beauty products that not only care for your face and body, but also promote relaxation and deep sleep.

To start the Dove night beauty ritual, try the Regenerating Calming Night body wash with soy glycine, sunflower seed oil, honey and vitamin A. We especially loved the soft floral/oriental scent, very aromatherapeutic and soothing.

Studies show that our skin rejuvenates most actively during our sleep. To aid this process use Dove Calming Night Body Lotion which is packed with shea butter and vitamins. It's unbelievably rich texture sinks in quickly, leaving no sticky residue. For hands, there's a similar Calming Night hand cream with shea butter and silicones that you can keep in your desk drawer during the day to keep your hands and cuticles freshly moisturized.

Calming ingredients, perfectly measured moisturizing properties, sleek packaging, zero nasty chemicals - this would be enough for any beauty line to become our staple. To seal the deal, Dove has added this heavenly scent to the Calming Night series. We hunted the fragrance isle to find a similar French perfume, and voila! - it's the closest match to Dior Addict or Givenchy Organza. Not bad for such an affordable body lotion!