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Do Masks Really Work?

This means by the way, that while you are allowing your mask to work its magic, you should be relaxing, not doing the dishes or one of the millions of little things that you think require your attention. While you are wearing your mask, it is important to put your feet up and relax. This might be the only time you get, so make the most of it.

To be really effective, your skin needs this treatment about once a week, unless the jar or pouch states otherwise. However, I highly recommend some of the mask recipes on my site. They are gentle, while offering benefits that are needed more than ever in our busy lives. I pencil in my mask every Monday, and I have noticed that my skin has improved.
 It feels softer, not to mention brighter.

Dull skin is especially calling out for a mask that contains alpha hydroxy acids. As these are stronger, be sure to use them about once a month, but a gentle mask on the other Mondays will do you nothing but good! Take advantage.

Just in case you are wondering, yes, there are masks on the market for blemished skin, and these can be used on a weekly basis in most cases. If not, the packaging will tell you.

Do you want to see just how many women on this site treat themselves to weekly masks? I have posted a link to a poll for this very reason. I'm curious too!