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Cosmetic Sponges

1.   To make them last a little longer, you might want to wash them regularly in regular soap. It is not necessary to use an anti- bacterial soap. Actually, it's not advised. Bacteria is quickly learning to ignore our efforts.

2.   If you want to extend their life, allow them to air dry. This means finding a spot on the counter that is not going to be splashed by a running tap.

3.   Different sponges are designed for different reasons. Using the right sponge will lengthen the life of your sponges.

4.   Cellulose sponges can also be used to apply powder to the face, especially under the eyes where a brush can't do an adequate job.

5.   Watch for sponges that have lost their original shape, smells odd, or is starting to shred at the edges. Another reason to replace.

6.   Circular or velour powder sponges need to be replaced whenever they become caked or shiny. Most will not stand up to washing. I have tried!

7.   It is advised that sponges should be replaced after just a few uses and for safety sake, I would follow this guideline. At present, they are very inexpensive.


   1. Latex sponges can cause an adverse reaction in some women.

   2. I have to say that I like the texture of sea sponges for applying foundation over the larger sections of the face. Although they are a bit more expensive, I love the silkiness.

   3. The little triangular sponges are great for working foundation around the nose but as soon as the point starts to wear down, use a new one.

   4. So far I have given you the good information, now it's time for the bad. Makeup sponges absorb really well. That means that some of your foundation will end up in the sponge and not on your face.

   5. Adequate use of ordinary hand soap could destroy the bacterium that is growing in your makeup sponge, but it is easier and safer to simply replace it frequently.