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Combination skin

This type of skin is very common, especially when seasonal changes in temperature may increase dry or oily patches. When dryness occurs, it's typically on the cheeks or around the eyes, while oiliness usually strikes in the ""T-zone,"" an area formed by the forehead, nose, and chin.

Caring for combination skin is simpler than it might seem. Start by choosing a cleanser that's strong enough to remove dirt, oil, and makeup, but not so harsh that it leaves the skin feeling dry or tight.

Wash your face twice a day using cool or lukewarm water. To treat oily areas, use a mild astringent (ah-STRIHN-juhnt) or a topical acne solution like salicylic (sal-uh-SILL-ihk) acid. Apply an oil-free moisturizer on dry spots and an oil-free sunscreen all over the face.

You may find that you need to adjust your routine during the winter by using more moisturizer or fewer drying products. In the summer, the opposite may be true; skin may respond better to lighter moisturizers or the use of toners between face washes.