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Combating and Calming Facial Redness

If your face is constantly flushed, red and blotchy - it may be more than just sun or wind causing it. Foods like alcohol and caffeine are also factors, causing roughly 16 million women in North America to live with facial redness, or Rosacea - a condition where the flushing of small blood vessels on the face causes your cheeks, nose or chin to redden.

Chronic facial redness, also know as Rosacea, can result in small bumps or acne on the skin. This rash-like reaction leaves few people with a smiley face. In fact, a recent clinical study shows 56 percent of sufferers say facial redness impacts their self-esteem. 

What many people don't realize is that there are ways to calm and even help prevent the Rosacea condition.

Dermatologists offer Rosacea treatment options, but you can also look to your local drugstore for new "Redness Relief" formulas - which promise to calm facial redness associated with Rosacea.

While there are plenty of Rosacea products which promise relief, experts say one that has green neutralizers in it will really help conceal Rosacea redness and even out complexion.

Doctors also recommend that if you're taking a prescription for Rosacea, ask your dermatologist to recommend skin care products that are compatible.

And to avoid future Rosacea flare-ups, keep a diary of red episodes with notes on food, medicines and products - so you can help pinpoint triggers.