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Clive Owen face of skincare range

British actor Clive Owen has been revealed as a surprise choice as the face of Lancome's skincare range.

Cosmetics firm Lancome, who are paying 2.5 million for Sin City star Owen's services, said it hoped he could make men more willing to accept its products.

Owen is hoped to create a boom for the "heterosexual market", encouraging men to cast fears of emasculation aside and get moisturising.
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"We're not just talking a line that will sell to older men," said a source. "Young men are starting to buy these products early because they want to take care of their skin as much as women do."

The Lancome Homme range will boast products such as plankton-infused wrinkle cream, 'invigorating' cleansing gel and smooth face scrub.

Lancome's roster of celebrity brand ambassadors includes Sir Mick Jagger's daughter Lizzie, Uma Thurman, spanish actress Ines Sastre and Germany's Diane Kruger, who played Helen in the Hollywood blockbuster Troy.