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Cellulite: Crash Course, Newest Treatment

Cellulite is perhaps one of the greatest sources of frustration for women around the world. And though there are creams and surgical procedures that promise to remove those pesky lines, there is still no sure-fire way to remove all of them.


Cellulites are fat tissues that have bands of connective tissues in them. These tissues are found in certain areas of the body, most often on the thighs, abdominal area and buttocks for the women. Men also have have cellulites.
Cellulite happens when fluids in the skin layers, the stored fats, and chemical toxins do not get flushed out and are trapped within the skin, the tissues harden and thicken, thus producing bumpy lines in the skin. Fat cells are contained in rigid envelopes perpendicularly attached to the skin by fibers. When fat cells swell, the skin surface becomes deformed and looks dimpled. This is what is called cellulite, or orange peel appearance.
Genetics, lifestyle, excess weight all determine what degree of cellilite woman will be "blessed" with.
Most common type of cellulite is soft cellulites which is much more visible and may even sag from the body. It occurs in large muscle areas, and it is actually possible to remove soft cellulites.
Another type of cellulite is hard, or solid, cellulite, which occurs in the muscles of active women such as dancers and runners. This type of cellulite is hard to remove as cellulite clogs are attached directly to the muscles.


Cellulite creams have proven to be effective in preventing the appearance of cellulites but they cannot completely eradicate the cellulite tissues. Some creams contain alpha-hydroxyl acids that improve the elasticity of the skin, making the cellulites less obvious.
The newest in treatment of cellulite is LIPOCURE Anti-Dimpling Decongesting Serum by Vichy Laboratories. LIPOCURE is a shock treatment for stubborn cellulite, as it contains Manganese that soften the connecting fibers in the cellulite-affected areas, and Adrenalyse, a cellular stimulant that helps to eliminate the fat deposits.

Our Experience

LIPOCURE is a lightweight non-sticky quick-drying fluid, not too runny, that has a pleasant fresh flowery scent. It doesn't have to be massaged, although we did a quick massage to apply LIPOCURE evenly. Formulated with caffeine, salicylic acid, escin, and gingko biloba, in addition to Manganese and Adrenalyse components, it left our skin supple, moist and more even in two weeks, as promised. Just in time for warm weather!

Other Cellulite Bashers

Exercise and diet is still, without a doubt, the best way to fight the cellulite. Exercise is particularly effective agains cellulite because circulation can help reduce the appearance of the bumpy clogs under skin.
Detoxifying diet is also helpful with cellulite. The diet should include plenty of fruits and vegetables and low-fat products. Fats contribute in enlargening the size of the cellulites. Whole grain foods are also greatly recommended. Foods that should be avoided include coffee and soft drinks. Smoking and alcohol can add to cellulite problem as they increase the amount of toxins in the body.