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Best Natural Skin Moisturizers for dry, oily and sensitive skin

Moisturizer is absolutely essential to the skin to keep it healthy, soft, supple, smooth and firm. The most important part of the skin care routine is moisturizing. The skin has the abillity to retain moisture and to moisturize itself. However, various influences can cause depletion of moisture and make the skin dehydrated and dry. With the lack of moisture in the skin over a period of time, the cells of the outer layer become dry and shrivel up. This makes the skin texture rough and crepey. The skin becomes fragile leaving the inner layer exposed to further loss of moisture.

Moisturizers are formulated to tackle different skin problems.

Creams help balance drier skin, while lotions and emulsions are designed for normal to oily complexions. Innovative, featherweight formulations are the latest trend containing high-powered hydrating ingredients, they are suitable for every skin type, except very dry.

The skin is now vulnerable to the formation of lines and wrinkles and even skin sensitivity. So, apart from detracting form beauty, the end result is a skin problem and premature aging.

Dry and cold weather, excessive exposure to the sun, exposure to the chemicals in the air, constant exposure to air conditioning and heating and even make up are responsible for moisture depletion.

Moisturizing the very delicate skin, surrounding the eyes, calls for special products. Your usual moisturizer may cause puffiness and stretch the skin. Eye gel is refreshing in the morning. and a little eye cream will strengthen the tissues at night. Pat on either. using the third and fourth fingers. tapping quickly but gently.

Your usual moisturizer is fine for your neck.

The skin care routine should be geared to replenish the loss of moisture and improves the skins texture and its normal ability to retain moisture.

Oil-free and gel moisturizers are perfect for oily complexions. Anti-ageing ingredients. such as ultraviolet filters. and nutrients. such as vitamins. are often added to moisturizers and serums to help protect the skin.
Functions of a Skin Moisturizers

A good moisturizer is one that not only prevents loss of moisture and rehydrates the skin but also helps to speed up the process of cell renewal. It should also contain active ingredients that supply vitamins, minerals, enzymes to nourish the skin, keep it healthy and minimize cellular built up on the skin surface. Many natural ingredients have been incorporated into moisturizing lotions and creams to provide the skin