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Beauty Treatment

Ranging from an Indian head massage of the scalp down to a pedicure of the feet and toes, there is something to help restore health and vitality to almost any part of the body.

Beauty treatments can be self-administered, although it is a much better experience if you have a professional beauty therapist carry out the treatment for you, either in your home or at a beauty salon. If you want a beauty treatment in your home then you can ask a mobile beauty therapist to visit you.

Mobile beauty therapists can perform a whole range of beauty treatments from their mobile salon. This often includes facial and skin treatments, nail care, hair care and massage, but the treatments on offer will vary with the skills & preferences of the beauty therapist, as well as the type of equipment she has available.

If you want a full range of beauty treatments to choose from then a visit to a beauty salon would be better for you. Here, professional beauty therapists can offer a wider range of services, as well as provide you with the use of equipment that mobile beauty therapists would not carry, such as sunbeds and saunas.