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Battling Herpes without Chemicals

Herpes simplex labialis or lip herpes is one of the most common skin diseases. Almost everyone knows the uncomfortable feeling it creates, such as tingling and itching or even burning. Within a short time, painful vesicles, followed by thick crusts spread over the lips. Almost 90% of the worlds population are victims of this regularly returning viral infection.

There are various reasons for herpes outbreak: stress, low immune system, sun exposure or fever - therefore sometimes it is also called "fever blisters". Menstruation trauma can also be a cause for the disease.

There are a number of options for treatment, such as crèmes and tablets. However there is also a natural technique which works free of any chemicals and is free of risks or side effects. Herpotherm works with concentrated heat: Temperatures between 50 and 51 degrees Celsius stop the spreading of the pathogen and make the symptoms disappear quickly.

New anti-herpes device is based on the principle of concentrated heat destroying the herpes virus, thus preventing its outbreak in the form of blisters. The application takes only 4 seconds, is perfectly safe and natural, without any chemicals and has been properly approved and certified.
The battery-powered device looks just like a lip stick and easily fits into every pocket. It has a golden contact plate which is being placed on the infected portion and through which heat is applied. The entire treatment takes place in less than 4 seconds. The product has been dermatologically tested and approved and is safe for allergy sensitive people as well.