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Bathing beauty

Engulfed in a sea of Mr. Bubbles and tub toys, I would shape my shampooed hair into long devil horns and splash around until my toes curdled into raisinettes. But somewhere between kidhood and grownup land, showers happened and these days, tub time seems like a waste of billable hours.

But according to Teri Kramer, spa director of Eurasia Spa at the Scottsdale Resort & Athletic Club, water is as integral to the therapeutic process as a mind-numbing massage. "Our bathing rituals allow the body to calm and get back to balance," she says of the Asian-inspired baths available at the newly opened spa. "Baths release tension and bring about relaxation and peace."

Referred to as hydrotherapy or balneotherapy, water therapy embraces everything from elaborate bath rituals and herbal soaks to jetted tubs and whirlpools. And the benefits are numerous A mineral bath melts away stress and encourages the body to release trapped toxins. A soak in a steamy hot tub before a massage relaxes tense muscles and allows for a deeper rubdown. Even a trickling fountain or stream grants the mind a free ticket to Zen land. So dig out your rubber duckie and Mr. Bubble or try these suggestions for a date with a tall drink of water.