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Banishing Chest Acne: Expert Tips

If you suffer from chest acne, you can keep your decolletage at its blemish-free best with these tips from New York City aesthetician Lia Schorr:

To prevent acne-producing perspiration, try to wear only cotton tops because it's a natural breathing fabric.

Wash the acne-affected area morning and night with a cleanser containing a drying agent like cucumber, azulene, or salicylic acid, then apply a zit zapper (Cosmopolitan experts suggest Lia Schorr Spot Solution).
In addition, use a mud or clay mask twice a week on your chest acne to unclog dirty pores. Cosmopolitan experts suggest Garden Botanika Sea Mineral Mud Mask.

During the process of clearing your chest acne, you might need to do some crafty concealing: Using a cotton swab, dab on peroxide to disinfect, then apply a concealer spiked with salicylic acid (pick a shade slightly darker than your skin tone). Cosmopolitan experts suggest Clinique Acne Solutions Concealing Cream.