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LIP INK Participates in the El Segundo Rotary Club Fundraiser!

Congratulations to Claire Sinnett!

Genesis Awards Gives Special Recognition to
LIP INK® International

March 30, 2009
Stars Shine Brightly at The 23rd Genesis Awards

Rose Nichols receives her first award at the 1997 International Invention Convention for the best cosmetic invention. Featured on over 12 major network news and TV stations, around the USA. Glamour Magazine picks up the buzz and calls LIP INK® immovable as Hollywood movie stars are first introduced to the product line. LIP INK® International produces three segments for TV, Training and the general public on the product line.
Her products are featured on the Christine Ferrari show with Andrew Weil, and many news articles congratulated her for her patented lip color. At the same time, in 1996-7 her first patent was published.
Rose Nichols receives another award at the 1998 International Invention Convention for the best beauty and fashion product where she also served as a guest speaker where she focused on raising awareness for women in business and to encourage their empowerment. This event was viewed on six major news stations throughout the country.
Rose Nichols received three more patents for her smear-proof color cosmetic products. She is honored by the Fashion Institute and invited to speak before the student body and counselors as they build their cosmetic programs and grow the cosmetic student
body of the Fashion Institute.