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Ashamed make up

YES, EVERYBODY has experienced a makeup boo-boo. So before writing this article, I called some of my friends and asked them what theirs were. I actually enjoyed reading their stories and just had to add mine, just for laughs.

A long time ago when Euphoria was still open, I put false eyelashes from Ever Bilena (they came with glue), and I was so proud of myself. I was talking to this cute guy and he kept touching his eyes. Finally, midway through our conversation, he couldn't help it and he told me my eyelashes were falling off. No wonder he kept touching his eyes!

-- Mandy de la Rama-Santos, exporter

In high school, the lip liner became the "in" thing to use. So after school my friends and I would line our lips and put lip gloss on top. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Looking back, we all looked liked fish. -- Kelly Misa, model

My first encounter with makeup was in grade school. My sister had a concealer called Erase, which was in bullet lipstick form.

I must have put a bit too much, because when my sister saw me, she couldn't help laughing at my deadly pale lips! I never touched her concealer again. -- Marie Calica, Marie Claire beauty editor

When I was 15 years old, I put some eyeliner and walked to my boyfriend's house. I went straight to the living room where all my friends were hanging out. To my surprise, a girl I was not particularly fond of was there. I was so annoyed, but I felt confident and felt pretty because of my lined eyes. After a few minutes, I had to use the restroom. To my surprise the eyeliner had run. Happy Halloween to me! I got so pissed at my boyfriend for not even telling me. -- Chesca Garcia, actress/TV host

When I was younger, I used to play with my mom's makeup behind her back. Once, I tried to put on her really red lipstick and red blush right before going to a party. I thought I could easily remove it with just a swipe, but I was wrong! I kept wiping off the makeup with tissue but it wouldn't come off. To make thing worse, I not only got a scolding from my mom for messing up her makeup, I also looked like a party clown with streaks of red stains all over my face! -- Mia Fausto-Cruz, Seventeen editor in chief

As for me, I was so excited to attend the Ateneo freshman dance. It was the first time I was allowed to go out at night with my friends. We all met up at a friend's house to get ready. I remember my outfit -- a sleeveless top, sarong skirt from Sari-Sari and Kashieca shoes. To finish off my look, I borrowed makeup from my friend, and I put on everything. Days after, we got the pictures from the dance and, to my surprise, my face was so much whiter then my neck! I had a frightening "floating face"! I tore all my pictures and wanted to cry.

Makeup is something that helps enhance our beauty, if used correctly. Truth is, I used to tell my friends Patty and Marielle, who didn't like to have makeup on even for formal events, that makeup is a friend. I know it sounds funny, but it's true.

Our first horrible experience would actually help us know what not to do the next time. And, yes, practice makes perfect.

The best makeup is the natural kind. This normally requires blush, lip tint and an eyelash curler, and takes five minutes or even less. If you are not a first-timer and you are spending more time on it, you are probably putting on more than you actually should, so beware.

I asked Jigs Mayuga, L'Oreal Paris' makeup artist, to get four girls to do makeup on. The girls come from different professions. My goal is to show how much makeup one should use at work without looking too boring.

After mastering the "natural do," we should all graduate and be more adventurous with our makeup application. For me, adding eyeliner was the first step up, then came colored eyeshadow and so on.

I stopped using fake eyelashes since they didn't fit me. For some of my friends, they turned out to be a good thing though.

Makeup is something personal. What fits one person may not suit you, and vice versa. When adding something new to your normal routine, it is good to ask a trusted friend if what has been added is obvious, or if you do look better with it.

Cheri Mercado - news anchor

Makeup used:

- Face: True Match Liquid Foundation Nude Amber, Blush Delice Rosy Cheeks
- Lips: Color Riche Forest Flame Beige Crème,
- Eyes: Color Appeal Trio Eyeshadow Beige Taupe, Double Extension Mascara Black, Superliner Liquid Eyeliner Black, Brow Stylist Eyebrow Pencil Dark Brown

For hair:

- Feria Copper Shimmer, Studio Line Volume Max Mousse
Skin care:
- White Perfect Eye (with SPF15 and illuminates the eyes)
- Visible Results Moisturizer (for glowing skin)

Imelda Tinsay - flight attendant

Makeup used:

- Face: True Match Liquid Foundation Nude Beige, Blush Delice Rosewood
- Lips: Glam Shine Juice Downtown Juice
- Eyes: Color Appeal Trio Eyeshadow Blue Nuit, Panoramic Curl Mascara Black

For hair:

- Studio Line Architect Wax and Invisi Spray
Skin care:
- Hydrafresh Eye
- Visible Results Moisturizer (for glowing skin)

Trisha Bermudez - interior designer

Makeup used:

- Face: Sheer Cashmere Natural Beige, Blush Delice Fresh Papaya
- Lips: Glam Shine Cream Glam Red
- Eyes: Color Appeal Mono Eyeshadow Bronze, Double Extension Mascara Black, Contour Resist Eyeliner Black, Brow Stylist Eyebrow Pencil Dark Brown

For hair:

- Feria Black Spirit
- Studio Line Hot Straight

Skin care:

- White Perfect Eye
- UV Perfect SPF50 (with high SPF protection for when she goes on field)

Anna Palabyab - doctor

Makeup used:

- Face: Ideal Balance T-zone Pressed Powder Natural Beige, Blush Delice True Rose
- Lips: Colour Juice Lip Gloss Strawberry
- Eyes: Contour Resist Eyeliner Brown, Lash Architect Mascara Brown

For hair:

- Feria Marron Glace,
- Studio Line Smooth Perfect
- Skin care:

- - Hydrafresh Eye (anti-fatigue and dark circles)
- - Pure Zone Anti-Imperfection Moisturizer (great makeup base and perfect to prevent imperfections and oiliness)