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Anti-Wrinkle Treatment: The Natural Way

The best thing that can be done to protect your skin from wrinkles is to limit the time you expose yourself to sunlight. Beyond that, there are a number of easy natural methods and herbal supplements that can be used together with newest skincare products, such as Myokine (Vichy), Wrinkle De-Crease (L'Oreal), Strivectin-SD (Kline-Becker) and Nuvectin (Dermaglow).

DHEA: 25 mg daily if you are over 40, 50 mg daily if you are over 50
Nucleic Acids RNA and DNA: 100-300 mg daily
SOD (Superoxidedismutase): 125 mcg daily
Selenium: 100-200 mg daily
Vitamin C: 500-1,000 mg daily
Vitamin E: 400-500 IU daily

Wild Yam: as directed on label
Kelp: 150 mcg daily
Biotin: 300 mcg daily
Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil capsules): 50 mg, three times daily

When fighting wrinkles, it's important to drink enough water daily, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and get enough sleep.