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Angelina Jolie Stays Fit with Yoga

Angelina Jolie has a lineup of projects waiting for her after she deliver her bundle of joy later this summer.

So staying fit is essential for busy Angelina Jolie, already a mom of two kids, while she is pregnant with her first biological child!

"She loves to do yoga with Maddox," reveals the secret Angelina Jolie's yoga instructor, Maryam Askari.

Angelina Jolie got hooked on yoga in Paris, and she was taking prenatal yoga classes along with her son Maddox, 3.

"Maddox had fun jumping around the room, while Angelina does pregnancy poses while I support her belly," Askari told Life&Style weekly magazine.

However, Brad Pitt doesn't share Angelina's passion for yoga - yet? "He's more of a weight-lifting kind of guy," says yoga instructor.