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Amanda Lacey: Incredible Pink Serum

This May, the range its self has been given a little facial makeover with a subtle new logo and a new addition to the line that is sure to get Amanda's fans all excited. Say Hello to the Incredible Pink Serum, which as you might expect, is an incredible pink serum. It takes a four-pronged attack strategy into its battle to revive ageing skin.

On application, light diffusing particles give an immediate improvement to the appearance of the skin. After that an extract from hibiscus seeds works to smooth, relax and refresh the skin - the relaxing of contracted muscles beneath the skin has a softening effect on expression lines (working in the opposite way to Botox injections).

The next step is to nourish the skin - natural proteins from soy and wheat extracts help with this (soy is particularly beneficial in restoring elasticity and firmness to older complexions). Finally, the fourth goal of the serum is substantial hydration, so the skin is plumped and left feeling soft and comfortable. The serum achieves this with a number of moisturising ingredients that Amanda blended during the serum's development.

Amanda Lacey's Incredible Pink Serum is available at Beyond Beauty at Harvey Nichols London and Manchester. Also look out for Amanda's Restoring Mandarin Mask, another new launch this Summer.