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Acne Benefits from Lighter-Touch Laser Treatments

A lighter-touch laser treatment is among the skin-enhancement tools gaining popularity and becoming available outside the largest fashion and beauty centers.

UAB dermatologist Marian Northington, M.D., says people are seeking treatments for acne and wrinkles that require little downtime and are largely painless.

"The Fraxel laser has several benefits over traditional lasers used in treating wrinkles, sun damage, acne scars and pigment irregularities," doctor Nortington says.
Fraxel laser is less invasive than carbon-dioxide lasers, with no infection risk; it is suitable for all skin types and especially for acne-prone and mature skin.

Fraxel laser can be used on the hands, neck and other body parts in addition to resurfacing the acne scars and spots.

And with summer outdoor activities upon us, it's an advantage that this treatment requires no sun-avoidance.

"Collagen-stimulating benefits increase for several months after treatment," Dr. Northington says.