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Q&A With Lip Diva Rose Nichols




Q.  What was your inspiration for creating LIP INK® International?

A.  The LIP INK® product line was created out my personal need for lip color that didn't wear off - one that would stay in place until I was ready to take it off.  I like wearing bright colors, but don't like the way they look when they wear off.  I don't like fussing over keeping my lipstick in place on a night out on the town or all day at work.  LIP INK® liquid lip colors empowered me with the freedom to enjoy my active lifestyle by eliminating the need for lipstick touch ups.


Q. What was your initial reaction to the first batch of smear-proof

LIP INK® liquid lip colors?

A.  I created the first batch of liquid lip color in my very own kitchen - and it was 100% smear-proof.  I was absolutely thrilled and amazed with my invention because I knew this product would revolutionize the lipstick industry.


Q.     What makes LIP INK's liquid lip colors different from ordinary lipsticks on the market?

A.    The combined lip color line will create more than 250,000 colors by layering--users have the freedom to create their own personalized color collection.  LIP INK's semi-permanent products are also 100% smear-proof, so users can wear them to bed, shower in them, kiss their children or significant other, drink and even eat an oily meal with confidence that their lipstick is not going to wear off.


Q.  LIP INK® products state they are the "first patent semi-permanent lipsticků"   What is the difference between long-lasting and semi-permanent lip color?

A.  Long lasting is simply long lasting--meaning the lip product is going to last a long time with no guarantees and no promises to back it up.  Long-lasting lipsticks usually feature descriptive words including touch-proof, budge-proof, kiss-proof, and transfer resistant.  On the other hand, semi-permanent is in a world of its own.  Created specifically by LIP INK® International, semi-permanent liquid lip color means the product is not only long lasting, but it is also 100% guaranteed not to smear-LIP INK® products are smear-proof or your money back! 


Q. Describe your LIP INK® liquid lip colorlayering process and how users can create a multitude of color combinations:

A.  All LIP INK® liquid lip colors are wax-free and transparent.  As a transparent formula, the color becomes darker with each layered applied (suggested up to 3 layers).  Users can combine and layer various LIP INK® colorsŚwith just three different vials, more than 6000 personalized colors can be created.


Q. How many steps does it take to apply LIP INK® liquid lip color, and is it user-friendly?

A.  It only takes three simple and easy steps to apply our guaranteed smear-proof liquid lip color.  Because the technology is still so new, it takes a little getting used to at first.  However, after a few applications, users figure out that they actually save time because once the liquid lip color is on, they rarely need touch ups on their lips.


Q.  How many beauty patents does the company hold, and what makes the product line so unique?

A.    We have eight domestic and international patents on my technologies/inventions.  The color application, removal and hydration processes are each patented, as is the three-step layering application process.  These patents were expanded into other formulary possibilities and were patented in several countries.  In the early 1950's, rouge was patented for the movie industry and was quickly replaced by wax-solid lipsticks.  Then my patents were filed in the 1990's with a jellybean, pill-coating type formula that is ultra durable, smear-proof, water-repellent and completely organic.  LIP INK's products are uniquely formulated (from 40 herbs, botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and sun protectors) to be tingly fresh, moisturizing and healthy for the lips.


Q. What other types of semi-permanent products does the company manufacture? 

A. We also carry a line of smear-proof and all-natural lip liners, lip shimmer gels, lip color gels, eye liners, eye shadows, brow liners and tints, lash tints, nail color gels and cheek colors.


Q. What's next for LIP INK's semi-permanent cosmetics?



Q. How can consumers purchase LIP INK® products?

A.  The entire line of products can be previewed and purchased on the web at  A limited selection of products is also available at selected stores, spas and doctor's offices and locations can be found under our store locater section.