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Gentlemen's Waxless Lip Balms Ingredients

This lip balm is a loving spoonful of
delicious flavor, that goes on cool, and warms up almost immediately, to wrap your lips in a comforting blanket of goodness. (7gr)

Directions: Apply to lips as needed. If you experience any adverse reactions from use of this product, discontinue use and keep out of heat.

Chocolate Mint SGP-10082 Cinnamon Mint SGP-10081

Classic no Flavor SGP-10079 Honey Mint SGP-10080
NOTE: The LIP INK® waxfree, guaranteed smearproof & long-lasting, multi-patented color product line is not compatible with any other cosmetic products. LIP INK® Color Cosmetics are based on scientific research and are protected by U.S. and International patents. Competitive products cannot legally duplicate LIP INK® Color Cosmetics and their precise chemistry. New customers should start with a kit when purchasing any of our guaranteed smearproof color.

SAFE PRODUCT USE: If you experience any adverse reactions from use of this product, immediately discontinue use. Keep out of heat. The codes that appear randomly on vials provide Internal QC information only.
Ingredients: Dimethicone, panthenol, silicon dioxide, tocopherol, ascorbyl palitate, ascorbic acid, citric acid (UVA/UVB sun protection) Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Octyl Salicylate & natural flavors