There is no other lip color like this on Earth
The World's only Guaranteed Smearproof Semi Permanent Lip Color
Not Ink - just the staying power of ink. It will defy your imagination
Can be worn 24-7 even with white sheets
Award winning lifestyle lip color cosmetics, internationally patented
Tingly fresh with maximum sun protection
Healthy, Organic, Vegan Kosher, Natural Botanical Liquid Lip Color

One of the LIP-INK® differences is in our ingredients. We don't use ingredients that are found in most other make-up products. We proudly use natural, organic, and kosher ingredients in our LIP-INK® Products.

Yes, LIP-INK® Cosmetics are different. And Yes, they are applied differently. These helpful hints can help you get the maximum benefit from your LIP-INK® Products.

Our products are different. They work better that other make-up products. Why? LIP-INK® Cosmetics have patented technologies. Our Moisturizing, Smear-Proof, Semi-Permanent® LIP-INK® Lip Colors, are available in over one million customizable shades just for you!

LIP-INK® International Cosmetics are the world's first patented, environmentally friendly, and refillable makeup products. Learn how our green vision can make your natural beauty shine brighter in a healthier, environmentally conscious way.

Most cosmetics contain ingredients that are bad for you, but LIP-INK® Products don't have ingredients you can't pronounce. LIP-INK® Cosmetics simply contain only things that are good for you!

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